Kimberly L. Scopino, LHAS

Kimberly L. Scopino, BC-HIS

Specializing in:
Hearing Aids

Florida Hearing Aids Dispensing License
National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences
  • National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences
  • Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals (FSHHP)
  • International Hearing Society (HIS)

About Kimberly L. Scopino, BC-HIS

Kimberly L. Scopino, BC-HIS, received her Florida Hearing Aids Dispensing license in 2001 and National Board certification from the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences in 2003.

Over the past 18 years Kimberly has dedicated her career to helping the hearing impaired; enhancing the lives of the thousands of patients that she has had the privilege to work with.

As a multi-manufactured trained and certified specialist, she has a vast knowledge of the technology that is available for her patients to customize to their needs. She regularly attends national training workshops and conferences to continue her education in the constantly changing industry.

Kimberly is passionate about giving her patients the best possible hearing so they can continue to communicate with their loved ones and avoid social isolation associated with hearing loss. She loves to hear all the wonderful testimonies from her patients and prides herself on listening to their individual needs.

A wife and mother of two boys, she enjoys spending her time with her family. As an enthusiast for life, she loves watersports traveling, hiking and fitness classes.



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