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Practice News

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Best Wishes to Dr. Deaton in His Retirement

After more than three decades of service, John S. Deaton, D.O., is retiring. We are thankful for his continued dedication to exceptional patient care at Ocala Eye over the years. Now, as he moves [...]

5 Tips to Deal with Maskne

What is maskne? How can I clear up my maskne breakout? Should I see a doctor about my maskne? COVID-19 has facilitated a lot of shifts in how we handle our daily lives. The [...]

What is Dry Eye “Watering?”

What is dry eye? What causes dry eye? What are the symptoms of dry eye? When should I see my doctor? How do you treat dry eye?  How can a dry eye water and [...]

How Do You Choose the Right Eyeglasses?

How to choose glasses that fit your lifestyle? Does face shape matter when choosing glasses? What types of eyeglass frames are there? What do your glasses say about you? Changing glasses as your needs [...]

5 Tips to Help Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Increased screen time during the last two months may be making eyes tired and irritated for some Dunnellon residents. Here are five tips to help reduce digital eye strain. Many people working from home [...]

Welcome Sarah Cooper, APRN

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Cooper, APRN, has joined the Ocala Eye team and is now seeing patients at our Heath Brook and The Villages locations.Sarah Cooper, APRN, is an oculoplastic and aesthetics [...]

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