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Practice News

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Cataract Surgery Success in Ocala

Losing your visual clarity can be frustrating, alarming, and cause for concern. And when cataracts are to blame, the strength of your glasses or contact lenses will have little impact on improving your vision. [...]

New Heath Brook Location Now Open

We’re excited to announce our brand new, state-of-the-art location in the Heath Brook area is now open. Located in the Market St. Plaza at 4414 SW College Rd., Suite #1462, Ocala, FL 34474, the [...]

What Exactly is Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)?

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), another type of vision correction surgery, is a type of lens replacement surgery (not unlike cataract surgery) as opposed to a corneal surgery such as LASIK or PRK. In this [...]

New Heath Brook Office Construction Progress

Starting this fall, Ocala Eye patients will be able to see great, hear better and look younger at our new location in the Heath Brook at Market Street plaza, located directly above Panera Bread. [...]

Understanding Cataracts: What You Need to Know

Have you ever tried driving when the windshield of your car was extremely dirty? Imagine having that same quality of vision all the time. This is how cataracts progressively affect your vision over time. And [...]

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