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Practice News

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Now Seeing Patients in Spanish Plaines

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in Spanish Plaines, located at: 1556 Bella Cruz Drive The Villages, FL 32159 Inside the Spanish Plaines Shopping Center near the Spanish Springs [...]

How Can LASIK Surgery Change Your Life?

What is LASIK surgery? Why would you need LASIK surgery? What are the results of a LASIK surgery? Erik M. started wearing glasses when he was just five years old. He says, “Contacts were [...]

How Much Does an Eyelid Surgery Cost?

What is eyelid surgery? Is eyelid surgery safe? Who is a candidate for eyelid surgery? What’s it like to recover from eyelid surgery? How long does eyelid surgery last? What does eyelid surgery cost? [...]

What Is Blepharoplasty?

What does blepharoplasty mean? Why would I need a blepharoplasty? What do I need to do before surgery? What happens on the day of surgery? What is recovery like after blepharoplasty? Are there risks [...]

What Are the Different Types of Eyelid Surgery?

What eyelid conditions require surgery? What are the types of eyelid surgeries? What are cosmetic eyelid surgeries? What are functional eyelid surgeries? Am I a candidate for oculoplastic eyelid surgery? You probably take your [...]