At Ocala Eye, we are dedicated to being a patient-centered practice. Our commitment to make decisions that focus on our patient’s benefit and well-being includes maintaining the highest level of safety for our patients and staff.

Ocala Eye has implemented several layers of safety precautions in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including the continued use of masks. As we respect the CDC and will continue to comply, the revised CDC guidelines are not intended for healthcare facilities.

All Ocala Eye employees, patients, and visitors will be required to wear a mask when inside our offices.

Why It is Still Important to Wear a Mask in the Office

  • COVID-19 is still active in the United States and how the newer variants of the virus will affect the pandemic is unknown.
  • The disease is known to present itself without symptoms when you are most infectious and often can be present without symptoms throughout its course.
  • The continued use of cloth and surgical masks are extremely effective in preventing an infected person from spreading COVID-19 to others and protecting the mask wearer from becoming infected.
  • While infrequent, COVID-19 can still cause infections after vaccination. 

Please help us to maintain a safe environment by wearing a mask with us. 

We thank you for your understanding.

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