Radiofrequency Skin Lifting Treatment

radiofrequency skin lifting procedure - Ocala EyeOur radiofrequency skin lifting procedure gently raises the temperature of the collagen of the deep tissue in your skin providing instant contractibility.

This contractibility helps tighten skin, reduce fat, enhance luminosity, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen rebirth while lifting the sagging skin on your forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, jawline and neck.

Pricing is also available in packages of 6 treatments each.

Procedures per session:

  • Face – $120
  • Face & Neck – $150
  • Abdomen – $110
  • Eye Area – $75
  • Neck – $80
  • Thighs – Inner & Outer – $120
  • Buttocks – $120
  • Arms – $90

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