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North Central Florida’s Best Reviewed Eyecare Provider

Ocala Eye is the largest, most experienced eye care practice in North Central Florida. Since Ocala Eye was founded in 1971, more people from The Villages, Marion and surrounding counties trust their eyes to our ophthalmologists than any other eye care group.

We are a patient-centered practice, with all of the decisions made based on the patient’s benefit and well-being. This philosophy is reflected by our patients’ satisfaction and our passion for providing complete eye care and aesthetic services.

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A cataract is a clouding
of the normally clear lens of
the eye. Things look blurry,
hazy or less colorful with
a cataract.

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Glaucoma is sometimes
referred to as the “silent thief
of sight” because it can cause
blindness with little or
no warning.

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For our patients, the LASIK
procedure is a life-changing
event. It can help to
provide clarity and
visual freedom.

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The cornea is a clear, dome-shaped
surface that covers the front of the
eye and it helps direct light rays
towards the lens for focusing.

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The retina is the part of the eye that translates what you see into visual information your brain can understand
and process.

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Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is a progressive
condition where the eyes cannot
produce sufficient lubrication to
maintain ocular surface health.

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We are dedicated to helping your
vision last a lifetime while providing
you the highest level of flexibility,
affordability and selection.

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Our highly trained experts
use the latest diagnostic technology
to identify and treat a wide variety
of hearing issues and disorders.

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Ocala Eye Aesthetics offers a
full range of skin rejuvenation
services, from nourishing facial
treatments with all-organic products.

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