60-Second LASIK Candidacy Quiz

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Imagine waking up every morning with clear vision and the freedom to do what you love most without having to deal with the hassles of glasses and contacts (or without glasses and contacts getting in the way). Break free from the constant expense of glasses, contacts, and cleaning solutions and invest in a clearer, brighter future and the opportunity to see your world through a whole new lens!

Ocala Eye is committed to making LASIK an affordable choice and smart investment that is less costly than glasses and contact over the years. We offer popular financing options, including 0% interest for up to 24 months!†

Financing on approved credit.

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:60 Second LASIK Candidacy Quiz

Want to know if you might be a candidate for LASIK or other vision correction procedure? Take our brief LASIK candidacy quiz below and you’ll unlock access to your: 

  • LASIK candidacy quiz results 
  • LASIK affordability calculator
  • “A Patient’s Guide to Laser Vision Correction” eBook 
  • Free Consultation Appointment

Once you submit the quiz, you’ll be sent your free resources and a member of our team will reach out to schedule your free consultation appointment.

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