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Can I Afford LASIK? Could LASIK Really Be Cheaper Than Glasses or Contacts?

Use the LASIK Affordability Calculator below. Find out how much getting LASIK now could save you. It’s easy. Just move the sliders below and choose the options from the dropdown menus.

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Particulars Annual Cost
My average cost for a complete eye exam
Number of exams/year
Cost per year for complete eye exams
My cost for 1 box of contact lenses
Number of boxes annually
My cost for 1 bottle of contact lens solution
Number of bottles annually
My avg cost for 1 pair of prescription glasses is
Number of pairs of prescription glasses purchased per year
My avg cost for 1 pair of prescription sunglasses is
Number of pairs of prescription sunglasses purchased per year
Total prescription glasses and sunglasses purchased per year
Total per year spent on glasses, contacts and exams
Number of Years I have worn glasses/contacts     
Number of Years until I turn 50      
By the time I turn 50, I will have been buying contacts/glasses for how many years?
I will spend this much by the time I'm 50
I usually purchase my contacts from (Pick from dropdown list)
I usually purchase my prescription glasses from (Pick from dropdown list)
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