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The top three areas where patients receive BOTOX treatment include: between the eyes, across the brow, and around the outside of the eyes to target “crow’s feet.” There are also sections around the chin and lips where BOTOX can be injected.

BOTOX targets muscle movement causing those muscles to relax in order to stop lines from forming. There are measures your specialist can take to prevent you from feeling any pain during the procedure.

When it comes to seeing the results from a BOTOX procedure, it can take three to seven days to see the muscles slow their movement. However, it can take a full two weeks after the injection to see the full results as the BOTOX settles in.

The average amount of time for BOTOX results to last is three to four months. However, every patient is different, and the amount of time can vary based on activity level, metabolism, and other factors.

There is no correct age for beginning to receive BOTOX injections. Some patients will prefer to start preventative treatment early before fine lines appear while others wait until later in life. The process of softening fine lines after they are set deeply into the skin may need to involve other treatments in addition to BOTOX.

The main side effect of BOTOX is a drooping eyebrow or eyelid after receiving an on the forehead. With the proper technique and by following the right preventative measures and post-care instructions, however, this is an outcome that is easily avoided.

With the right dose, every BOTOX patient should be able to achieve the look that they want. There are a lot of factors in determining the right dosage for different patients, including muscle or forehead size, movement level desired, and more.

Despite the myth that BOTOX is only for women, the procedure can make a big difference for anyone who wants it, regardless of gender.

There are various restrictions patients are recommended to follow after receiving a BOTOX injection. These include avoiding sweating and tight hats that might constrict the forehead for a 24 hour period. Patients should also avoid various spa treatments for a given period of time.

Sweating after BOTOX does NOT cause the body to sweat it out. The reason patients are discouraged from sweating after BOTOX is because a lot of activity right after the injection can cause the BOTOX to travel to other areas on the face where the patient may not want BOTOX effects to take place.

Since BOTOX takes two weeks to kick in, patients should allow at least that long before an upcoming event to have their BOTOX injection. However, those who are new to BOTOX may want to give themselves an extra two weeks, so four weeks total, to make sure that the injections are performing as planned.

At an eye care center like Ocala Eye, our providers are very comfortable with the anatomy of the eye area. This enables them to perform facial injections with valuable medical insight that BOTOX patients may not receive at other locations.

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